"Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s wedding anniversary trip to Cuba WAS fully licensed by U.S. Treasury."

[source: daily mail]

"Prop 8: Supreme Court Taken Over By Protesters Rallying On Gay Marriage (PHOTOS)."

[source: huffington post]

[inspired by: i bet hell is FABULOUS!!!]

"Giant pandas land in Toronto, get airport greeting from PM."

[source: cbc news]

"Lululemon reveals too much with some of its yoga pants."

[source: mother nature network]

"Joyous crowd in St. Peter’s Square awaits new pope."

[source: usa today]

"Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience Album Review Roundup."

[source: e! online]

"Judge Blocks New York City’s Limits on Big Sugary Drinks."

[source: new york times]

"Cliffs Notes for the Filibuster: Rand Paul in His Own Words."

[source: the atlantic]

"Man Dressed as Batman Hands Suspect to British Police, Vanishes Into Night."

[source: wired]


"Justin Bieber apologizes for taking stage late, angering fans."

[source: cbs news]